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Programs & Services

Guardian and Protective Services

Types of appointments:

  • Guardian and/or Conservator
  • Durable Power of Attorney for¬†Finances
  • Healthcare Agent
  • Social Security Payee
  • VA Fiduciary
  • Personal Representative of Estates
  • Trustee

GaPS offers the following services to our clients.

  • Helping clients stay in their own homes.
  • Coordinating home health care or placement in assisted living facilities, if necessary.
  • Assisting with healthcare decisions.
  • Linking individuals and families to appropriate services they may not know exist.
  • Providing assistance with financial affairs such as paying bills, keeping checkbooks, budgeting, and resolving credit problems.
  • Preparing applications for programs providing assistance for financial support, housing, home services, medical services, and heating and cooling assistance.
  • Referring to legal professionals when needed.
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