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Our Mission

Guardian and Protective Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides protective services to vulnerable elderly, mentally-ill, brain injured and disabled adults in North Dakota who have limited family support, no family members or no capable friends to assist them.

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Netflix Movie, "I Care a Lot" portrays guardians in a negative light.

As you may have seen, Netflix released a movie (fictional) about a very bad guardian. The movie, I Care a Lot, shows a nefarious guardian who works the system to manipulate and steal from her clients. The Florida State Guardianship Association (FSGA) and one of its members created a wonderful first-person account of good guardianship, and it has gotten some great press already. We know this story makes for good drama, but we also want you to know that we are professionals who advocate tirelessly for our clients. Professional Guardians make a difference for vulnerable adults.

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GaPS helps family members enjoy one another again.

Recently we accepted a transfer of guardianship for  "Ben" whose sister had been filling the role. It can be a heavy burden for a family member to have to make health and financial decisions for a loved one, and can lead to friction between family members. Ben's sister said, "I'm so happy I could cry. I can finally be his sister again!. That's what we do and we're happy to help vulnerable adults and their families have an improved qualify of life.

  • GaPS helps June with her daily life.
    GaPS helps June with her daily life.

    As a guardian, GaPS assists "June" living independently in our community. She can be very anxious about her neighbors, landlord, issues of the past, etc. We see her regularly to provide support, and advocate as needed with her medical providers. We attend her medical appointments to discuss treatment and medication options. We oversee her finances to ensure she has spending money for her personal needs, and that her rent, medical bills, and other expenses are paid.
    We ensure she stays eligible for all the benefit programs she's enrolled in by completing required applications and reviews.

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