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What is Guardian and Protective Services (GaPS)?

Guardian and Protective Services, Inc. (GaPS) is a non-profit corporation established to provide needed protective services to vulnerable adults who have no family members or capable friends living nearby.  At GaPS we are able to offer assistance in a variety of different ways:  we ensure that daily needs are met; we offer help with securing home and medical services; we explain documents that may affect financial well-being.  Many vulnerable adults, who do have family nearby, have greater needs than their families can meet day-in and day-out.  

GaPS serves vulnerable adults in the community in ways that help them maintain their dignity and independence.  It may be as simple as balancing a checkbook or seeing that a doctor's appointment is kept.  Or it may be as serious as protection from physical harm or financial exploitation.  The people we serve are elderly or disabled, and come from all walks of life. 

Protective services and guardianships (when necessary) are provided with the safety and well-being of the individual foremost.  GaPS strives to keep individuals in their own homes, whenever possible, or in an environment allowing maximum independence.