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Standards of Practice

The National Guardianship Association has adopted standards that reflect as realistically as possible the best or highest quality of practice.  Best practice may go beyond what a state law requires of a guardian.  The National Guardianship Association (NGA) has sought to shape a mirror that practitioners and funders can use to evaluate their efforts.  The standards also reflect the mandate that all guardians must perform in accordance with the current state law governing guardianships and certification of guardians.

Below is a brief outline of current guardianship/conservatorship standards, developed by the National Guardianship Association.  If you would like further information regarding these standards, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

NGA Standard No. 1

Applicable Law


NGA Standard No. 2

The Guardian's Relationship to the Court


NGA Standard No. 3

Self-Determination of Ward


NGA Standard No. 4

Informed Consent


NGA Standard No. 5

The Process of Decision Making


NGA Standard No. 6

Decision Making Regarding Medical Services and Medical Treatment


NGA Standard No. 7

Decision Making With Regard to Withholding or Withdrawing Medical Care and Treatment


NGA Standard No. 8



NGA Standard No. 9

Least Restrictive Alternative


NGA Standard No. 10

Quality Assurance


NGA Standard No. 11

Management of Multiple Guardianship Cases


NGA Standard No. 12

Guardian of the Person:  Ongoing Responsibilities


NGA Standard No. 13

Conflict of Interest:  Ancillary and Support Services


NGA Standard No. 14

Duty to Exercise Reasonable Care and Skill in Managing the Ward's Estate


NGA Standard No. 15

Property Management


NGA Standard No. 16

Guardian of the Estate - Ongoing Responsibilities


NGA Standard No. 17

Conflict of Interest:  Estate. Financial and Business Services


NGA Standard No. 18

Guardianship Service Fees


NGA Standard No. 19

The Guardian's Relationship with Family Members and Friends of the Ward


NGA Standard No. 20

Guardian's Relationship with Other Professionals and Providers of Service to the Ward


NGA Standard No. 21

The Guardian's Duties and Responsibilities Regarding Diversity and Personal Preference of the Ward


NGA Standard No. 22

Termination and Limitation of the Guardianship/Conservatorship


NGA Standard No. 23

The Guardian's Professional Relationship with the Ward


For more information, please contact our national center:


National Guardianship Association

1604 North Country Club Ward

Tucson, AZZ 85716-3102

Phone:  (520) 881-6561

TDD:  (520) 326-2467

Fax:  (520) 325-7925

Email:  nga@guardianship.org

website:  www.guardianship.org